dscn0491October 31st is Hallowe’en in Great Britain and the USA. Children dress up as ghosts, witches or monsters and make jack-o’-lanterns, lamps out of pumpkins. And that’s what class 2 a, b and m did too! We brought pumpkins to school, made jack-o’-lanterns, talked about Hallowe’en and told scary stories. And, by the way, we had a lot of fun!


If you feel like making your own jack-o’-lantern too next year, here are the instructions:


  1. Cut off the top of the pumpkin with a knife.
  2. Use the knife and a spoon to hollow it out.
  3. Cut out the eyes, the nose and the mouth.
  4. Put a candle in the pumpkin.
  5. Light the candle.
  6. Put the top back on.


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